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About the Artist

Morgan Hanneken is a young graphic designer and illustrator living up in the northern part of Texas.

Born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, he spent years drawing on anything he could get his hands on, endlessly entertained by the tools, equipment and the boundless nature that surrounded him. He eventually moved to the mountains of Arizona where he briefly attended college before leaving to attend a more challenging program. The bones of the desert and the thick old growth pines were a fertile ground for his art, it was here that he came into my own and began to pursue fine art in its own right. ​

He finds himself forever fascinated with the mysticism of art. He is a wearer of many hats in his creative pursuits and is a staunch supporter of small batch and local labors of love. He's learned hard work from a life in the field and to stay in awe of that mysticism. Like a blue collar druid. ​

He is a maker and a doer, trying his hand at any skill he can. He has spent years honing his design and production skills; he's dabbled in wood work and knife making; he's refurbished skateboards; he's passionately pursued screenprinting. He has feverishly planned, sculpted and built religiously to pursue his artistic vision.

"I was taught that if something is worth doing, it's worth doing right. Work is hard. I do mine carefully and I always sweat the small stuff."
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